Serbian Chess Tour 2014Serbian Chess Tour 2014

Dear chess friends,
I am very glad to inform you about new opportunity for chess players and chess lovers called SERBIAN CHESS TOUR 2014.
We want to offer chess players from all over the world opportunity to play three connected chess tournaments and to enjoy the summer in Serbia.
1st event
VII International Chess Festival „Sport Summer 2014”, Paracin, July 4-11th

2nd event
V International Championship of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, July 12-18th

3rd event
XVIII Chess Festival „Battle of Senta 1697”, Senta, July 19-26th

If you decide to visit Serbia this summer, It will not take long to discover the hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of the country’s residents.
Also, you can enjoy in great variety of Serbias cuisine which originates from its geographical, national and cultural diversity. It is not an easy task to introduce a foreign visitor in Serbia to the secrets of local cuisine. Many dishes cannot be adequately translated into another language, while others are simply not eaten anywhere else, even though they are made from ingredients commonly available in all European countries. That is why if you are keen to investigate Serbia’s national cuisine, which has evolved in a melting-pot of civilizations and ethnic influences, you should let the experienced hands of Serbian restaurateurs guide you.
For all details. please contact organizers of each event separately.
We wish you nice and memorable stay in Serbia as well as success in chess.

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